The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Erlend Bakke

erlendbakkeThis week we’re trying something a little different here at Hardcore MBA – instead of interviewing a successful entrepreneur, author, or coach to see how their mind ticks, I’m going to give you a little insight into my own success! This week’s episode is the first part of a series of resources I’m putting together that will show you the straightforward philosophies that have helped me in business and in life. But be warned: there are no magic bullets here! There’s no snake oil being sold, and there’s no ‘three secret tricks that will make you a millionaire overnight’. But there is the chance to learn from my mistakes and put yourself on solid ground for your own journey towards the freedom lifestyle.

Take a listen, and find out:

  • Why MBA means Mixed Business Academy in this case.
  • Why training for entrepreneurship is similar to becoming a Navy SEAL (no, really!).
  • How to spot a surge and surf the wave of a trend to its end point, without getting scared and bailing at the first sign of trouble.
  • The six pillars that make up a fulfilled and fulfilling life, and which ones most entrepreneurs neglect.
  • All about the ancient business wisdom of the Stoics.
  • And why, as Ryan Holiday says, the obstacle is the way, and you need to face up to the key responsibility of being an entrepreneur – solving other people’s problems.

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Outsourcing Superstar and CEO of Mr.Outsource, Regina Evangelista on Entrepreneurship & Outsourcing to the Philippines

regina evangelista virtual assistant coach outsourcing philippinesLet’s be honest: I make these podcasts look pretty effortless with my innate charm, high levels of charisma, and – of course – extreme modesty. But jokes aside, a lot of work goes into getting these things from my brain to your tablet/phone/laptop/whatever else you might be listening on.

Potential guests need to be emailed, schedules need to be compared, videos need to be uploaded – on and on the work goes, and much of it is managed by one of my earliest virtual assistants, Regina Evangelista.

These days Regina is much more than just a VA, she’s a business partner and co-founder of Mr. Outsource and DreamWork, a coworking space in the Philippines. So when I was looking around for an expert on outsourcing to have on the show, I didn’t have to look very far!

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How To Win Friends And Influence People Through The Art Of Podcasting, with Cliff Ravenscraft

cliff ravenscraftThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest was once just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in the middle of the USA. Then Cliff Ravenscraft took the very simple decision to start a podcast about his favourite TV show, Lost. Two years later, he had 65,000 listeners and was inviting some very influential people out to lunch. Find out how by checking out this week’s episode!

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Cliff and I discuss:

  • How to get started in podcasting
  • The future of the industry
  • How to forge new habits and keep old ones going
  • How to effectively engage with your audience to turn them into superfans
  • And much, much more!

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