Find Your Angel Investor and Make Your Ideas Happen with Tech Expert Ron Goddard

Ron Goddard Tech VenturesIf you’ve ever wondered absolutely anything about the world of tech startups, you’re in luck – because this week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Ron Goddard, is one of the most knowledgeable people you could possibly meet. He provides advice to technology startups looking to build prototypes, pick up customers, and find angel investors, and this week he took the time to chat with me about why he moved from the field of health clubs into technology, what the biggest problems are that most startups face, how to network effectively, and much much more.

Once you’ve watched this week’s episode, you can get in touch with Ron on Twitter or check out TechVentures – he’s very approachable, and wants to hear from you if you have a potentially world-changing idea. If you liked the show, let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to come back next week!

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Too Young? Too Old? Teenpreneur Ollie Forsyth is a serial entrepreneur at the age of 18!

ollie-forsyth-hardcore-mba-interviewSometimes when you watch sports, you have that moment when your team’s new star player is only a teenager, and you suddenly feel really old. This week’s Hardcore MBA guest is the entrepreneurial equivalent of that (well, for me at least!), because Ollie Forsyth is only 18 years old, and he already runs his own business and has met Richard Branson. He aims to be a role model for aspiring young entrepreneurs to look up to, but I think we can all learn a little something from his passion.

In this week’s episode, Ollie and I discuss:

  • How Ollie got started in entrepreneurialism at the bright young age of 13!
  • Why Ollie is starting his own entrepreneur club in London to help create new networks and opportunities for all of us.
  • The importance of taking the time to give a little something back.
  • And the very simple trick Ollie used to get featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles.

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How To Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads with Neil Patel

neilptelThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest claims that his favourite business book is Never Work Again, and you know what they say – flattery will get you everywhere! So it’s my pleasure to welcome to the show Neil Patel, who started his first business as a teenager, and now helps others to reach the same levels of success as he has through his Advanced webinar.

In this week’s episode, Neil and I discuss:

  • The varied range of products and services Neil is involved in.
  • The future of the internet, and why Neil thinks social media is going to expand even further in the near future.
  • The changing meaning of the American dream.
  • And I get Neil to go through my own site and provide an example of how anyone can increase their customer numbers with just a few small tweaks.

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