Finally! A Wealth Blueprint that Actually Works with Todd Tresidder

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In this week’s episode, meet Todd Tresidder: a renowned Financial Mentor, and the founder of

Todd has proven his expertise by becoming a real millionaire himself and truly living a life of financial freedom — all the while being able to help a lot of people from different walks of life.

In this episode, Matthew and Todd discussed:

  • What’s keeping Todd busy at the moment and what he’s up to in keeping up with his financial mentoring career and what he’s more focused on
  • Todd’s backstory- his humble beginnings, his realizations, lessons he learned from his own experiences putting it all together and arrived at teaching 7 steps to 7 figures

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Make Your Story the Best! Outsourcing to Online Publishing Companies won’t Hurt with Jyotsna Ramachandran

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Ten years ago, writing a book and publishing it the traditional way was not the ideal marketing strategy for entrepreneurs. Then, self-publishing came of age and provided a launchpad for budding authors and business leaders.

Now that we have social media networking sites, through their books, authors can easily connect, engage, tell their story, build authority and eventually create relationships with their readers.

Jyotsna Ramachandran – the author of “Job Escape Plan” and the founder of a publishing company Happy Self-Publishing is our guest in this week’s episode. She leads the way to easy and successful self-publishing. She shares some guiding principles about how to start with introducing their author, launchpad system program, and the pros and cons while doing so.

Matthew and Jyotsna discussed:

  • What Jyotsna is up to with her Happy Self Publishing business.
  • Jyotsna’s backstory – how she ended up closing her business and shifted to building an author-friendly launchpad system online while at home taking care of her two lovely kids.
  • Jyotsna’s insightful thoughts on these following questions:
  • Why would a person write a book?
  • Why do you think somebody should write a book?
  • Benefits of writing a book?

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Steal that Social Media Spotlight! Be that Sexy, Savvy, Awesome You with Amy Landino

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For quite a time, Amy Landino proved the world that she’s more than just a “pretty face”. This all-star Youtuber, social media icon showed what it takes to become super awesome in what she really loves doing- video blogging. She blew us away with her sharp-witted talks, creatively done contents, and practical advice to whatever on point and sensible topics that would cross her mind.

In this week’s episode, Amy will generously share her practical tips and some guiding principles about how to steal that social media spotlight, start making a name in video blogging, creating money out from vlogging and eventually grow and explore to other neighboring careers over time.

Matthew and Amy discussed:

  • About what’s keeping Amy busy these days and what she’s up to
  • Her guiding principles that made her to the top and keeping her head on top of everything
  • Her practical advice as to how to become sexy, savvy and pretty awesome in whatever we do

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