033: How To Use A Sales Funnel To Close A $50k Deal with Jeremy Reeves

Jeremy Reeves with Erlend BakkeOne of the key things that any content marketing business needs is a sales funnel – a strategy for guiding potential customers up from small, free products to the content that is going to make you money. But while the concept is easy to understand, the execution is not so simple. That’s why I’ve invited Jeremy Reeves onto Hardcore MBA this week. Jeremy is a sales funnel expert, and listening to this week’s podcast will help you build your own business using his tips and tricks.

Jeremy and I discuss:
  • How setting up an effective, automated funnel means essentially having an extra salesperson working for you all the time.
  • How to create an effective webinar that will demonstrate the uniqueness of the services you offer, and have people coming back for more.
  • And how to use funnel techniques to ‘pre-screen’ potential customers – ensuring that they’re the right people for you, as well as vice-versa.
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032 : Branded Benevolence, Experi-Media, and Unperfection – Find Out The Latest Trends with Rohit Bhargava

downloadThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Rohit Bhargava is a ‘trend curator’. This means that every year he sits down, analyzes what’s going on in the worlds of business, social media, marketing, and the internet, and writes up a highly regarded report about the trends that are emerging and which are expected to have a big impact over the next year. Basically, if you want to be ahead of the game, Rohit is the man you want to listen to.

In this week’s podcast, Rohit and I discuss:

  • How to get into public speaking by starting as a guest on discussion panels and working your way up from there.
  • Rohit’s publishing company and the ability we now have to create and buy products directly, rather than using a network of middlemen.
  • And some of the trends that Rohit sees becoming big in the next year – you’re going to want to listen to this section very carefully!
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031: Making the Most of Your Life, Whatever the Cost with Jason Benham

BenhamBrothersThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Jason Benham, began his career as a pro baseball player in the minor leagues. When he and his brother retired, they realised they needed to find a new niche in life – and through hard work and a willingness to take risks, they founded their own real estate empire and now own a massive fourteen different businesses. It’s an all-American tale, and one which we’ll be telling on this week’s podcast.

Jason and I discuss:

  • How the Benham brothers got started in real estate, and how they weathered the storm during the crash.
  • The difference between our traditional understanding of profit, and the true profit that is bringing opportunity and life to others.
  • And the story of their cancelled reality TV show with the Home and Garden network.
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030: Sit Down and Shut Up with Brad Warner


Brad_Warner_Hardcore_MBA-PodcastThis week we have a very thoughtful guest who will be discussing something a bit different from normal. Brad Warner is an ordained Soto Zen priest, a bass player in a punk band, and the author of several wonderfully-titled books about Buddhism. In 1993 he moved to Japan to learn more about Zen and also ended up getting a job at a Japanese TV production company. So it’s fair to say that his experience is a little different from the entrepreneurs we normally have here on Hardcore MBA!

In this week’s podcast, Brad and I discuss:

  • How he first became interested in Zen, his journey from that initial interest to being ordained as a priest, and what exactly Zen involves.
  • The many ways in which Zen ideals and practices can be applied to business situations to reduce tension and achieve goals.
  • And, of course, life, the universe, and everything else!
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029: Make $250,000 A Month Through Great Quality Podcasts with John Lee Dumas

jldOn this week’s Hardcore MBA, we’re going a little ‘meta’ – by giving you a podcast all about making podcasts. John Lee Dumas is the founder and presenter of one of the world’s most popular business podcasts, Entrepreneur on Fire. He generates a quarter of a million dollars of revenue a month from a business based primarily on the same model as Hardcore MBA – interviewing entrepreneurs and getting great and valuable insights from them. If he can do it, you, me, or anyone else can too – so check out this week’s podcast to hear his secrets.

In the podcast, John and I discuss:
  • The three elements that can make any podcast a hit right from day one.
  • The types of revenue Entrepreneur on Fire brings in, and how John managed to hit that magic quarter-of-a-million mark.
  • And the ways in which he utilizes outsourcing and automation to make his work even easier.
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028: From Leaving Home at 16 to Running a Successful Media Company with Brandon Webb


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.02.38 PMLast week on Hardcore MBA we talked with Jim DeFelice, the writer of American Sniper, which famously told the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. This week we have on the show an actual Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb, to talk about his experience in the navy and in entrepreneurship. Now, I don’t want you to think I have an obsession with the SEALs, but I do think they’re a great example of the importance of determination and mental toughness in achieving your goals. You might not be doing quite the same things as a SEAL in your day-to-day life as a businessperson, but that determination is a quality that works in all situations.

In this week’s podcast, Brandon and I talk about:

  • The importance of not judging people based on first impressions – because you never know the depths of mental strength they have until the right situation comes along.
  • The lessons he learned from the failure of his first business venture, and how he eventually succeeded.
  • And the need to protect your own time and surround yourself with the right people, rather than saying ‘yes’ to everything and everybody.

“Psychology is such a big part of success,” says Brandon. “We used to have a problem with people failing the training courses we were running, so we tweaked a few things. We stopped telling people what they were doing wrong, and just told them what they needed to do right instead – when you tell people what they’re doing wrong, it actually just makes them think about it more and repeat the error. We also used to tell people that 85% was a good score on the shooting test. Then we started saying that, actually, a perfect score was possible. As soon as we did that, people really did start getting perfect scores.”

This week’s podcast is a fun and easy listen with a lot of great tips and tricks that can be applied to your own situation, whatever kind of business you’re running. After you’re done listening to it, check out Brandon’s own website, his media company, and some of his Amazon books – including my personal favourite, The Red Circle.

027: The True Story of American Sniper with Jim DeFelice

Jim DeFeliceJim DeFelice’s name might not be too well-known to you, but if you’re a fan of bestselling books or insanely popular movies, you’ll probably know his work. Jim was Chris Kyle’s ghostwriter on the bestseller American Sniper, which was recently turned into a blockbuster Clint Eastwood movie starring Bradley Cooper. On top of that, Jim is amazingly productive, having already written over 50 books! So who better to have as a guest on a podcast about creating a successful, productive lifestyle?

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Jim and I discuss:
  • The mental strength and focus on achieving goals that is needed to be an effective SEAL.
  • The things that keep him motivated to write so productively.
  • And the methods he used when working with Chris Kyle on American Sniper, and his account of the sad day of Kyle’s death.
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026: How To Turn A Niche Website Into A Money-Generating Investment with Justin Cooke

TZPrkIGiIt’s always fun for me to talk to another entrepreneur who has taken a similar path to mine – and that’s why I’ve called Justin Cooke for this week’s Hardcore MBA. Justin’s business, Empire Flippers, is based in Davao City in the Philippines, just like my own Mr. Outsource company. However, he does something a little bit different. Empire Flippers is a platform for website builders to sell their sites to entrepreneurs looking for an investment.

In this week’s podcast, Justin and I discuss:
  • The roundabout route through which Empire Flippers got started – proving that it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s all about where you end up.
  • The various strategies that entrepreneurs have used to turn niche websites into profit – whether it’s through actively building up an affiliates program or simply using pay-per-click advertising.
  • And the advantages of being based in Asia and building your business in one of the world’s largest markets.
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025: Are You Fully Charged? Find Out How To Increase Your Energy and Turn It Into Business Success With Best Selling Author Tom Rath

Tom-Rath-lg_0Business isn’t a machine that runs like clockwork. I’m a big proponent of making a detailed business blueprint before you get started, but even with the best planning we need to account for the unaccountable. For human behaviour, human habits, and, most importantly, human error. And the role of human behaviour in business is exactly what this week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Tom Rath, researches and writes about. On top of that, his book StrengthsFinder 2.0 was so good that it became the top-selling book on Amazon in the year 2013.

In this week’s podcast, Tom and I discuss:

  • The importance of prioritising your health and your sleep, rather than working yourself to the point of burnout – it’s better for your body and your business.
  • The use of daily habits to reduce the fatigue we can feel when faced by an overwhelming number of choices.
  • And Tom’s move into documentary films and the need to send ideas out into the world using all the media available to us.
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024: UGG´s Founder Reveals – From Surfer Bum to Successful Entrepreneur, with Brian Smith

We have a lot of great guests on Hardcore MBA, and many of our listenersBrian-Smith will already have heard of at least some of them through reading blogs about entrepreneurship and business. But it’s rare for us to get the founder of a brand which is a true household name. Brian Smith is exactly that, having kickstarted the trend for Ugg boots in North America. His story is one of perseverance and refusing to let the size of a task get you down.

During the podcast, Brian and I discuss:

  • How Brian and his business partner pushed through the early, difficult years of selling boots out of the back of a van.
  • The importance of adapting a marketing plan to accommodate different markets across the country.
  • And how to stay relaxed even during the high-pressure moments we experience as businesspeople.
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