What Is Being Liminal and Its Powerful Position For Entrepreneurs with Marianne Cantwell

Marriane Cantwell Hardcore MBA

In this episode of Hardcore MBA Matthew Turner, author of The Successful Mistake talks to Aussie-Londoner author and entrepreneur Marianne Cantwell about “Liminality”. “Liminality” is the central thought of her TEDx NorwichED talk entitled “The Hidden Power of Not (Always) Fitting In” given on March 18, 2017.

They discuss:

  • Marianne’s decision to pivot to a new direction and her choice to shut down in 2016 her successful business that developed from her book, “Be a Free Range Human” (2013).
  • How the TEDx talk became her launchpad  to practice and showcase being “Liminal” – that is, being someone who has a feeling of not quite fitting in.
  • What is being liminal for entrepreneurs, and its more powerful position as compared to either being a rebel or a conformist.
  • The Liminal questions to find inner strength and what you want to bring out:
  • What is it that I feel I have too much of and/or I do not have enough of;
  • What is it that is too easy yet when performed or shared, creates a spark in others and most likely I dismiss yet love to do?
  • How could these be made into an advantage?

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Putting Together Thinkific’s Successful Content Marketing with Siddharth Bharath

In today’s episode, Matt talks to Siddharth Bharath, a content marketer and a fantastic writer.  He is also the VP of Growth at Thinkific, a platform used by Matt for the past several months.

Thinkific is an online platform for courses.  It hosts courses for about 50,000 which include entrepreneurs and big companies.  They’ve grown it massively over the past 1 ½ years.  Sid identifies channels for growth, hires people for that, and pushes the team’s needle for that channel.  Thinkific has done partnerships, an affiliate base, paid advertising, content marketing, and other growth experiments.

The first thing people need to do in order to build a strong content marketing campaign, is identify the target audience.  They need to do the research around who is going to read the content.   Is it going to help those people with their problems?  Is it offering them the right solutions?  You need to do customer research and find out what are the problems in the industry.

What you want to do is survey your ideal customers and ask them what kind of information they need to solve the problem.  Do they read books, blogs, listen to podcasts, or watch videos? Where do they go to find the information?  You also ask them to give examples like those.  With all this information, you then are able to figure out what kind of content to create for them and where you can go to guest in a podcast or video show.

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Coming Back to Life : An Interview with Tor Arne Have and Erlend Bakke

In today’s episode of Hardcore MBA, Erlend talks to Tor Arne: a person Erlend met when he hit a wall.  He had gone back to Norway thinking he would be successful but things didn’t work out as he had planned.  Erlend describes his experience as going on a downward spiral.  He then met Tor Arne, who eventually trained and mentored Erlend, through a friend.

Life, for many people, has its ups and downs.  When we’re younger, we tend to be more aggressive.  Tor was working in an IT company as one of its top consultant, but he got a virus that prompted him to slow down.  At that time he was working hard, playing a lot of sports, being social, and partying.  He wanted to be the best in everything he did.  He also wanted to show his father he could do it.  

But life is different and showed Tor that he needed to slow down and learn to relax.

Tor then used the next ten years to really come back to life.  As a young child, he has always been interested in nature.  He was familiar with a lot of mind-mapping techniques.  When time came for him to do it, he followed yoga and meditation.  He is currently developing himself as a bioanalytic energentic therapist, so he is aware of the whole body and is able to connect the reality to how we are being.  

He then learned to listen to his body and to listen to life.

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