023: Guaranteed Celebrity: How to get on TV and become an instant celebrity, with Clint Arthur

Today we live in a fame economy. Getting your products known mClint Arthureans getting your personal brand out there and becoming a celebrity in your particular niche. Increasingly, the internet and social media are providing new ways to do that, which many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. But today’s Hardcore MBA guest, Clint Arthur, takes a different approach. He thinks that television – one of the oldest mass broadcast mediums – is still the best and most important place for you to be seen.

During our chat, Clint and I discuss:
  • Why television is still as relevant as it ever was, and why the rise of the internet can actually make it easier to appear on shows.
  • How to start in smaller markets and work your way up the ladder to the national brands.
  • And Clint’s own journey to The Today Show via his experience living his life as if it were his last year on earth.

022: Use Your Difference To Make A Difference, with Tayo Rockson

This week’s guest, Tayo Rockson, is what we call a ‘third culture kid’. HavingTayo Rockson lived in Nigeria, Burkino Faso, Sweden, Vietnam, and the US, he came to understand that it’s our differences that make us strong, and now he encourages others to use their diversity to emphasize their own strengths. He’s a very warm guy with an infectious personality, and I’m very pleased to welcome him to the show.
In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Tayo and I discuss:

  • The various methods for monetizing great content once you have it – whether it’s a blog, a podcast, or something else.
  • How Tayo used teaser trailers to promote his newest venture UYD (Use Your Difference) University.
  • And the advantages that travelling and working as a digital nomad bring to those who try them out.
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021: Take Your Business to the Next Level, with JC Maldonado

JC Maldonado is the Chief Executive Officer of BizGro Partners and an expert in (mo2a3545are commonly know as B2B)business-to-business sales and marketing. When many of us think of selling, we think about trying to convince average consumers to buy our products and ideas. But in fact, the real big money is often in business sales – companies are willing to put a lot of money and resources into play in order to be successful, and if you can be at the forefront of what they need, you can very quickly find your own business at the top of the pile.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, I talked to JC to get some of his insight on the business world. We discussed:

  • The important differences between sales, marketing, and public relations.
  • How to develop the right relationship skills to manage your team, whatever their temperament.
  • And the use of an assembly line model for getting the most out of your salespeople.
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020: Filling the Bucket with High Quality Connections with Michael Roderick

Networking is one of the most important things we can do as entrepreneurs – the quality oMichael Roderickf the people we know will, to a large extent, determine how successful we are. In fact, I’ve always said that we are the sum of the six people who are closest to us – and for that reason, we need to make sure we surround ourselves with people who work hard and share our values. But networking effectively can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Just look at all the shelves of books devoted to the topic! That’s why I invited Michael Roderick on to Hardcore MBA this week.

Michael is an expert in networking and connecting people, and runs two events for that very purpose – ConnectorCon and Relationship Adventure Day. In this week’s podcast, he and I discuss:

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019: Switching Off The Distractions with James Mielnik

Keeping yourself productive is one of the biggest challenges for the entrepreneur, especially if you’ve been used to working in a different environment previously. Being your own boss can easily ejames-mielniknd up being just like having an extremely lenient boss who lets you spend all day browsing cat videos on YouTube without getting dressed, until you get to the end of the month and realize you don’t get paid because you didn’t actually do anything.
Luckily, James Mielnik is here to help. James is the CEO of Get Altitude, a great organization originally founded by Eben Pagan to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. James is also an expert in productivity strategies. “There’s something called Parkinson’s Law, which says that you’ll always take as long as you have on any task,” James told me, “so that’s why I block my time off into 60-90 minute chunks and really focus on one task. It gives me a bounded time limit for each thing and gets them done much quicker.” [Read more…]

018: Navy Seal Training for Entrepreneurs with Kevin Maurer

I often say that being an entrepreneur requires a certain amount of bravery – you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take action if you want to see success. But on today’s Kevin Maurerpodcast we have a guy who’s braver than most. Kevin Maurer is a military reporter and the author of several books who has previously been embedded with the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the most dangerous places on earth.

But as well as seeing the high levels of physical fitness that men and women on the battlefield have – and I always advocate for keeping your body healthy even as an entrepreneur sitting in a chair most of the day – Kevin emphasises that mental preparedness is a big issue. “There’s this image that all soldiers are meatheads, and that’s not really true. Special forces, in particular, are usually the smartest people on the battlefield, they’re often bilingual, and they need to be culturally sensitive when they’re called upon to train foreign forces.”

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017: Eat for Heat and Achieve Your Fitness Goals, with Matt Stone

A lot of us entrepreneurs are perfectionists – we all want to be the absolute best possibMatt-Stone-author-pic-260x300le version of ourselves. And this often manifests itself in the various diets and exercise fads we end up following – paleo, raw food, long-distance running, and so on. But can we go too far when it comes to looking after our health? Can we end up making ourselves less healthy due to our obsessive pursuit of bodily perfection? This week’s guest, Matt Stone, thinks so. Matt is an independent health researcher and the author of numerous books, and he graciously provided some of his time to Hardcore MBA to speak about these issues.

In this week’s podcast, Matt and I discuss:

• The problems with many fad diets, including low carb diets and the paleo method.
• Matt’s own food plan, Eat For Heat, and the benefits of focusing your nutrition on building an effective metabolic system.
• And Matt’s new project, Buck Books, which offers low cost Kindle and audiobooks in an attempt to benefit and authors.

“I found that a lot of the people who were drawn to my work were very obsessed with the minutiae of their nutrition, to the extent that they were actually making themselves unhealthy,” says Matt. “A lot of Type-A personalities tend to take things to the extreme and overdo healthy actions – drinking twice as much water as we need, running twenty miles every day, that kind of thing. And then we also tend to think that if we’ve read a study or two about the benefits of a particular diet, it must be right. And we ignore the warning signs that our own body gives us when the diet isn’t working – low energy, low libido, interrupted sleep, and so on. We have to start learning to listen first and foremost to our own bodies, rather than simply following experts.”

For more information on Matt’s work on health and nutrition, check out his Amazon page, and specifically the book Eat For Heat. And to get some great on e-books and audiobooks, as well as the chance to sign up as an affiliate, head over to Buck Books. Until next time, stay healthy!

016: The New Game of Selling, with Mitch Axelrod

Mitch Axelrod and I were recently thrown together in some slightly odd circumstanmitch_axelrodces regarding a cruise I had to miss out on – you’ll hear more about that at the start of the podcast. The situation may have been a little random, but sometimes these strange happenings bring us great benefits, and that’s certainly what happened in this case. As you’ll find out in our latest Hardcore MBA podcast, Mitch is an excellent speaker and author but also a wonderful philosopher of sales and business.

During our talk, Mitch and I discussed:
• The differences between the old way of selling, and the new way that Mitch encourages his clients to follow.
• The importance of building a high-quality list of customers, rather than just a huge collection of random email addresses. [Read more…]

0015: Stop Dreaming and Start Living with Sabrina Iovino

Sabrina-iovinoOne of the greatest things about becoming an entrepreneur and living the freedom lifestyle is the ability to go anywhere, anytime. Most of us dream about travelling and seeing the world, but it can seem like a faraway fantasy when you’re stuck in a day job. Sabrina Iovino is one person who wasn’t prepared to let it remain a fantasy – she left Germany, hit the road on a one way ticket, and has barely looked back since – she’s now a travel blogger and literally gets to make money while living her dream lifestyle.

“It all began when I visited Thailand and realized that although I was there for a holiday, a lot of other really fun people were living there long-term because of the lifestyle and how cheap it is. So I headed back to Germany, saved up for ten months, sold all of my things in eBay and elsewhere, and flew back. I had no idea how long I would be gone, but it turned out to be a year-and-a-half.”
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014: Breaking Bad Habits Through Hypnotherapy, with Doug O’Brien

thWe’ve all seen those movies and TV shows where the hypnotist swings his pocketwatch from side to side, puts another character in a trance, and gets them to do whatever he wants – until, with a click of the fingers, they’re awake again and have no recollection that they were pretending to be a chicken three seconds previously. Well, it turns out that hypnosis can actually have some pretty serious benefits when it comes to achieving our life goals – but, as always, it’s not quite as simple as television makes it look. That’s why I invited hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert Doug O’Brien onto this week’s Hardcore MBA.

In the podcast, Doug and I discuss:

• The differences and distinctions between hypnotherapy and NLP.
• Ways to interrupt the patterns that encourage your bad habits, and how to break the automatic connections that your brain makes.
• And the importance of starting small and devoting even a little bit of your time to improving yourself.
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