Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw

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Your prosperity will sparkle as a light of expectation and motivate numbers you can’t add up to. Move individuals to get things done for themselves. Inspire individuals to have an independent mind. Our central need is somebody who will motivate us to be what we realize we could be.

Magnus Walker, nicknamed the Urban Outlaw, is a British fashion designer and car collector. Magnus despite not having higher education, left everyone surprised with the number of Porsche’s he has now. Magnus reached his goals according to how he wanted it to be, his main point of achieving your goals is; “you need to listen to your gut, you need to do what you think is right and have faith”. [Read more…]

Letting Go In Life and Business

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When you have that much going on, how do you stay this attached? How do you maintain the passion and drive while still being relaxed, sleeping, and being balanced among all those other things? How do you have a passion for something?

We all have pretty much a little struggle on this because if you are so passionate about something, how do you stay dis-attached or nonattached to whatever you are doing?  When life changes and has a big impact on you. The point is, all we can do is act in faith and let go of the outcome. We have to accept what happens because we only have limited control over our lives. We’d like to think that we have massive amounts of control but we have an extremely limited amount of control. [Read more…]

Lean Business and Bootstrapping

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A lean business is about being clever and applying the magical tool of entrepreneurship in life which is turning something into something of more value. It is about having the ability to be more innovative and using smarter tools and techniques to make things happen.

The magic of entrepreneurship is when you can turn $1 to $10 then continue to do it to scale up and become a larger company, keeping your costs low and your profits high. [Read more…]