How To Avoid These 3 Fatal Outsourcing Mistakes

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One of the biggest mistakes every single business owner makes at some point is this: they hire the wrong person.

Close your eyes and picture someone you admire, and yep… they have hired the wrong person.

Chances are they have made every hiring mistake in the book, and there’s a good chance that you too will suffer a few hiring failures in your time. Hiring and outsourcing is one of the most dangerous things you can do as an entrepreneur, but it’s also something EVERYONE has to.

Whether you have an entire workforce to hire, or the odd virtual assistant, hiring and outsourcing is something that affects us all. It’s tough to master, but I have a few tips to share with you that will help you avoid three of the biggest hiring and outsourcing mistakes you can make.

#1: You wait for the ‘perfect’ time

Would you like to know something important (about work and life)… there is no ‘perfect time’ for anything.

The ‘perfect time’ DOES NOT exist, and this is never more clear when hiring or outsourcing.

This is a mistake I made myself, and I saw it come up time-and-time again during my interviews for ‘The Successful Mistake’. You try to save some money and justify each major cost, so you commit to doing too much yourself.

But considering your time is the most precious resource you own, this is the worst thing you can do (for you and your business).

You need to let go. You need to outsource. The sooner you figure this out, the better.

This is how:

Make a list of ALL the average tasks you do each week.

Then, estimate how much time you spend on each of these tasks.

Finally, make a note of all the tasks you do not need to do yourself (be ruthless here. If you ‘can’ outsource it, make a note of it).

You now have a list of all the average tasks you do each week, and you better understand what you do and do not need to do. Your aim should be to outsource as many of these tasks you as can, but right now commit to outsourcing TWO things on your list over the next 60 days.

#2: You forget to communicate properly

You don’t need me to tell you how important communication is, but when it comes to hiring and outsourcing, it’s an area that most people fail at.

You are too close to your business. You know how everything works, and it’s easy to assume that everyone else should knows how it works, too.

They do not.

You have to explain each step and ram it down their throat. You need to train them, and you need to communicate with them at all times.

This is how:

Becoming a communication master begins during your new hire’s first day.

Write a detailed brief / overview of what you expect from them on a weekly (or daily / monthly) basis.

Break down each process, and SHOW them how to do everything.

This may mean you need to create a series of SOPs (standard operating procedures), or may involve them ‘shadowing’ you for a few days (so they can create their own SOP).

The point is, you need to take charge of this from day one. You need to TELL them what you expect and then SHOW them how to do it. The moment you assume, is the moment your big hiring mistake begins.

#3: You micromanage them

Although it’s hard to let go, you have to let the person you hire do their job.

The whole point of you hiring someone new (or outsourcing a task) is to save you time. So why would you pay someone to do something, only to then peek over their shoulder each day.

This not only wastes your time, but costs you real money!

Which kind of defeats the whole point, right?

There’s a fine balance between leading someone and letting them get on with their job. It’s YOUR job to figure this balance out (not theirs).

This is how:

Each week, insist they write a weekly report that details:

  • What they did this week…
  • What they will do next week…
  • What issues they have come across…
  • Any questions they may have…

A weekly report like this keeps you in the loop, but doesn’t ask you to ‘check-in’ each day. You’re able to adapt and track what is and isn’t working, and it gives your new hire an opportunity to relay any issues.

Most important of all, you let them get on with their job (meaning you save time, and get a real return on your investment).

How To Avoid These 3 Fatal Outsourcing Mistakes

I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs and business owners make these three hiring and outsourcing mistakes.

During my research for ‘The Successful Mistake’, it’s the topic that came up again-and-again.

It’s difficult to master, but an area of business you cannot avoid.

You need to hire people. You need to outsource. If you wish to take your business (and your life) to the next level, you cannot avoid this. By overcoming these three fatal mistakes, you take a BIG step in the right direction.

If you would like to learn more about this, you will love mine and Erlend’s interview later this week (where we dive into the subject deeper).

And if you would like to discover how successful people overcome failure and adversity, my latest book ‘The Successful Mistake’ may interest you (you can grab a free (paperback) copy right now)

— Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner is the author of ‘The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success’. After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people craft their greatest successes out of adversity. To learn how you can too, visit:

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