This is How Two Successful Authors Start Each Morning (+ Introducing Our New Co-host)

Welcome to Season 2 of Hardcore MBA. This season, we have teamed up with Matthew Turner, author of “The Successful Mistake”. We will give you your weekly dose of core business strategies straight from world-class entrepreneurs, experts and interesting personalities.

In today’s episode, let’s catch up with our awesome podcast hosts: Erlend and Matthew. You definitely shouldn’t miss this episode.

Get to know our new host, Matthew Turner.  Matthew has written many books, including “The Successful Mistake”: where he interviewed 163 entrepreneurs about how they transformed their failures into success.

He’s been on an incredible journey over the last few years, meeting all these successful and inspiring people.  He has also been building his personal brand — which has kept him busy — whilst applying everything he’s learned from those successful thought-leaders.

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Finding Your Path in Life and Business with Erlend Bakke & Matthew Turner


In today’s episode, Erlend and Matthew discuss the deeper meaning of success and how to live a better life as discussed in the book ​”Never Work Again​”​. The book delves into different interesting topics,​ especially in finding one’s true path and defining what success means to Erlend.

Matthew Turner interviewed 163 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs so you can learn from the best & transform your mistakes into success just like the world’s finest business minds do!

Main talking points that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Erlend strongly believes in the power of delegating.  At 2:53, he discusses why it’s good to tap into the talent of people around you.  He also believes in practicing what he preaches. At 3:20, he mentions why he picks up “​Never Work Again”​ and self-monitors.
  • Matthew also mentions the Exponential Mindset, a concept related to having an influence on the people around you at 7:31. So what does one do when having a bad day?  Erlend talks about his way of dealing with those days at 8:26.

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My #1 Book for Entrepreneurs Interviewed on A Guide to the Good Life

williamirvin_hardcoreHappy New Year!

This year I´m doing a life experiment on living stoically and who better to kick the year off than my favorite stoic author!

William B. Irvine is the author of A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Guide to Stoic Joy. This is the book that I consider the most important book and starting point for entrepreneurs. It has totally transformed my approach to life and business.

We discuss:

  • How entrepreneurs can achieve tranquility and success
  • The importance of focusing on what we can control, and letting go of everything else
  • The importance of letting go of wealth, fame and popularity
  • How to use negative visualistation to achieve joy and happiness
  • And much, much more!

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