How To Transform Your Business with ‘The 90 Day to Profit’ Formula

What is 90 Days to Profit really about? It´s a proven system to turn around any business in 90 days or less! I spend the good part of one year writing the book with Steve and we are really excited about giving it away to you for free. Just click this link

Matthew interviewed Steve and I on the book and we cover the following topics:

  • How the 7 Steps to Profit can help your business today
  • How to realistically apply the Pareto principle on hyperdrive in your business
  • How we wrote 90 Days to Profit and how you can write a book as well

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How to Find Your ONE WORD ft Evan Carmichael

evan carmichaelIn today’s episode of Hardcore MBA, Successful Mistake author, Matthew Turner talks to Evan Carmichael, author of Your One Word.

Topics include:

  • Evan Carmichael’s Beginnings and Current Focus
  • Evan’s Entrepreneur Life
  • The idea for Your One Word Book and how it came about
  • Entrepreneurial lessons you wouldn’t want to miss

He has been on the entrepreneurial path for quite some time. He only took being entrepreneur seriously when he was 16. He had his first company at 19, a biotech company. He says it sucked but he built it up, sold it and became a venture capitalist. He basically does work where he helps entrepreneurs believe in themselves and in what they’re doing.

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The Truth About Personal Development

In today’s Hardcore MBA podcast, Erlend and Matthew talk about personal development. Their takes and experiences in their own personal growth.

Topics you shouldn’t miss are:

  • On Tony Robbins. Erlend explains how listening to Tony Robbins influenced him in his personal growth. Tony Robbins explained things to him in a way that he never understood before. However, Erlend has a caveat. A lot of Tony Robbins’ material is ego masturbation. Erlend believes that if you live your life trying to look good for other people, you can never be satisfied because you cannot please all people. You can’t make everyone happy. Matthew believes that Tony Robbins is more like an alpha male. He feels that Tony Robbins’ approach may be unconventional. It’s more about getting people to do something big in front of others. Matthew thinks that in real life, significant events or decisions you make may not necessarily have a big audience. Erlend believes you can have a magical moment but it depends on what you value which could be a good cup of coffee with a good friend.

On going to personal development seminars

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