How Creative Entrepreneurs Align Their Work and Their Personal Self with Kathleen Shannon

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA Matthew Turner, author of ‘The Successful Mistake’ talks to Kathleen Shannon, co-founder of Being Boss Podcast and founder of Braid Creative and Consulting. Kathleen is an expert in coaching creative entrepreneurs align their work and their personal self.

In this episode, Matthew and Kathleen discuss:

  • Her branding agency, Braid Creative, focusing more on personal branding to blend who you are with what you do for creative entrepreneurs and organizations, moving to a new office, growing their team, and growing their vision.
  • As for her activities with the ‘Big Boss Podcast’ that she co-hosts with Emily Thompson, they have written a book that will be published in April 2018. They have also launched the CEO Day Kit project to help their audience do their best work by planning out the day like a boss.
  • How Kathleen realized that she ended up being a better and more mature writer, and how this helped her mature more as a business owner  because of the writing process that entailed:
    • using her experience as a blogger for many years. That is, to have fun and not be tripped by the fact that the book will be permanent not like a blog.
    • co-writing with Emily. Kathleen found this as cool and interesting as they ping-ponged chapters back and forth, transforming their podcast into a book, “Being Boss” with topics they have discussed in their podcasts like habits, mindsets, routines, systems and processes, work-life balance.

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Time Surfing with Paul Loomans

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Erlend Bakke author of Never Work Again talks to a Zen monk and coach Paul Loomans, author of Time Surfing, a 7-step approach to help anyone create more time in their life.

In this interview, Erlend and Paul extensively discussed what Time Surfing is all about. Why is it important to even Time Surf? Here, we realize that multi-tasking, doing one thing on top of the other, is counterproductive.

Erlend and Paul discuss:

  • The Accountability Group of Erlend wherein Etan Ilfeld is also part of. Ilfeld is the one who recommended the book Time Surfing to him
  • Does taking breathers make you unproductive or otherwise?
  • The difference between Zen meditation vs. other types of meditation

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Striking a Work-Life Balance while doing the Hustle by Jamie Stenhouse

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake) talks to Jamie Stenhouse: founder of Marketing Titans Agency, a company that helps other entrepreneurs get to where they want to be.

In this interview, Matthew and Jamie discuss work/life balance, health, social life integration and doing the ‘hustle.’

They discuss:

  • Entrepreneurship and the intense lifestyle it sometimes brings, and how easy it is to lose yourself in the hustle.
  • Their personal views on work/life balance and health and how different it is for everyone else

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