Finding Fabulous – Blurring the Lines Between Work and Play with Lisa Dadd

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This week’s episode introduces Lisa Dadd – an author and a self-professed digital nomad on the path of finding fabulous. She’s a big believer in practicing experiential learning techniques as she promotes 3 steps clarity accelerator to achieving our dream life. Specializes in lifestyle and career redesign.

In this episode, Matthew and Lisa discuss:

  • The humble beginnings of Lisa and her amazing journey to pathfinding successfully blurred the lines between work and play
  • How she started her career as a Life coach advocating experiential learning techniques, specializing in lifestyle and career redesign

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Business” One-on-One” with Jason Van Orden

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Introducing Jason Van Orden – the most sought after online business consultant who definitely knows how to use new media tools and strategies to attract flocks of customers, boost sales and turn starter businesses into market leaders generating tremendous sales.

He is the man behind the success of over 6000 clients teaching them how to turn talent and skills into sales through content marketing, scalable courses, and automated sales systems.


In this episode, Matthew and Jason discuss:

  • Jason’s amazing journey, and the twists and turns of how he became one of the most sought-after digital brand strategists
  • How he turned insights into something that’s helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs succeed in growing business online
  • Why he’s more comfortable doing one-on-one coaching – his principles behind it and how it works with his clients
  • Jason’s perspectives and understanding about business barriers, reaching plateau moments and how to overcome these kinds of challenges

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Finally! A Wealth Blueprint that Actually Works with Todd Tresidder

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In this week’s episode, meet Todd Tresidder: a renowned Financial Mentor, and the founder of

Todd has proven his expertise by becoming a real millionaire himself and truly living a life of financial freedom — all the while being able to help a lot of people from different walks of life.

In this episode, Matthew and Todd discussed:

  • What’s keeping Todd busy at the moment and what he’s up to in keeping up with his financial mentoring career and what he’s more focused on
  • Todd’s backstory- his humble beginnings, his realizations, lessons he learned from his own experiences putting it all together and arrived at teaching 7 steps to 7 figures

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