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Pic_TorOn this week’s Hardcore MBA, we have a great example of someone who decided he’d had enough of the corporate world and wanted to run a freedom business instead. Tor Magne Refsland did just that, and started Time Management Chef, a blog about productivity and time management that is currently growing explosively. And the great thing about blogging is that it’s such a simple way to get started – if Tor can do it, so can you.

On this week’s podcast, Tor and I discuss:

  • How Tor took his initial idea of starting a blog, decided what to write about, and got started.
  • The importance of getting influencers to share your work, and how you can make contact with them and get them to help.
  • And Tor’s number one productivity tip for anyone else hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Of course, one of my big interests is people outsourcing elements of their business to free up time for themselves. I asked Tor about this, and he said,“For small tasks that I either don’t know how to perform well, or don’t want to spend the time doing, I use Fiverr, where I can hire someone to do it for me for $5. For my website, I use a company called WP Radius – for a small monthly fee, they’ll make as many changes as you need to a WordPress site. And in overall terms, I’m hoping to build up to running a business where I’m consulting with various businesses about productivity, but don’t actually need to be on location with them – and I think that’s increasingly possible these days.”


Tor is a great guy, and I’m not just saying that because he’s Norwegian like me! I’m saying it because he provides an excellent example to all budding entrepreneurs out there of how you can make the leap into running a freedom business, how you shouldn’t be scared of giving up on a job that isn’t satisfying you, and how you can succeed with even the simplest of ideas. He’s also a great guy because he’s offering listeners of this podcast a very special free offer, which you can check out at his website – so don’t forget to head over there once you’ve finished listening.

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