Copywriting – Not Actually What you Think it is with Joanna Wiebe

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It’s not actually what you think it is! Copywriting is not just simply writing. Find out why and learn the discipline behind it in this week’s podcast episode.

Joining us is our guest, Joanna Wiebe – one of the most in demand and brilliant copywriter in her time. She provides growth -focused contents and teaches the essentials of writing high-converting copy.

She’s been a copywriter since 2004 and was able to help numbers of satisfied clients from different industries via various marketing platforms.


In this episode, Matthew and Joanna discuss:

  • Joanna’s recent whereabouts
  • Her story of giving up one important thing and move forward doing a bigger thing that she truly loves- that is copywriting
  • The important role of decision making. And learning to decide without the fear of screwing
  • Talked about what copywriting really is and the basic principles of how copywriting help entrepreneurs grow their business

  • Joanna’s thoughts on how essential listening, mirroring and testing are in the process of copywriting
  • That in copywriting, we are not selling products. We are selling customers
  • That the most copy that really gets through people’s attention is a copywriting from customer’s point of view, copying their language, organizing that on a framework in a page with very minor editing



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