How Hypnosis Works

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Hypnosis– It’s one of the most fascinating concepts. It’s about creating thoughts for your life. Our brain has one way of working on intuition and changing things in our life. It’s all about how we see the world and how we are trained to see.

At some point, I’ve tried Hypnosis but I forced things into existence so instead of relaxing and letting my sub-conscious mind be programmed, I had my conscious brain force it to exist so, the whole Hypnosis became a chore.

The technique is that you have to accept and allow all the things that the person is saying, lie there and relax. There are tools and techniques to change how you think.

A couple of things that you can do is change your environment. For instance, if you feel depressed, maybe you are hanging out with the wrong people because you are defined by the people you most spend time with. But if you hang out with the right people, your life can drastically improve and that means you are eliminating people that can drain your energy.


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