Modelling Success with Evan Carmichael

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0b7905e82188168b8389c4655ff3da3a_400x400Evan Carmichael is one of the biggest names in entrepreneurship today. He’s been featured in global publications like the New York Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. And he is the dictionary definition of a guy who walks the walk as well as he talks the talk. He’s worked in software entrepreneurship, venture capital, and online marketing, and he’s here today to tell us what he knows.

In this week’s podcast, Evan and I discuss:

  • The importance of learning from the successes (and the mistakes!) of the great businessmen and women of the past.
  • The difference between people with a passion and those who are only in it for the money.
  • And the need for constant experimentation and innovation.

“If your only reason for being an entrepreneur is to make a lot of money in any way possible,” Evan says, “then you’re going to quit when you hit the first serious obstacles. Because that’s the rational thing to do in that situation. If you don’t love what you’re doing and it’s not making you any money, you might as well go and get a normal job working for someone else. It’s the people who have a passion that will keep going when times are bad, and it’s that passion that means they’re going to get past those obstacles and rise to the top. And the top is where the money actually is.”

Evan is a great inspiration to me, and hopefully will be to you as well – he’s a sign of what can be achieved if you believe in yourself, follow your passions and your loves, and truly put your heart and soul into succeeding. To find out more about Evan, check him out on Twitter or take a look at his website. And until next week, go out there, find the people who are doing what you want to do, and then, as Evan puts it, model their success and achieve it for yourself.

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