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JC Maldonado is the Chief Executive Officer of BizGro Partners and an expert in (mo2a3545are commonly know as B2B)business-to-business sales and marketing. When many of us think of selling, we think about trying to convince average consumers to buy our products and ideas. But in fact, the real big money is often in business sales – companies are willing to put a lot of money and resources into play in order to be successful, and if you can be at the forefront of what they need, you can very quickly find your own business at the top of the pile.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, I talked to JC to get some of his insight on the business world. We discussed:


  • The important differences between sales, marketing, and public relations.
  • How to develop the right relationship skills to manage your team, whatever their temperament.
  • And the use of an assembly line model for getting the most out of your salespeople.

JC told me “it takes time to make a business work, it’s not something you can expect to materialize overnight. I always say that you have to expect to spend at least a year on a business before it will really take off. And because running a business is so time-consuming, the role of a B2B marketing company like ourselves is to allow you to focus on the core tasks while we help you to grow the client base.”

To find out more about JC’s work in B2B, and to see how he can help you achieve your goals, check out BizGro Partners or 21st Century Entrepreneur Radio.

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