Use Your Difference To Make A Difference, with Tayo Rockson

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This week’s guest, Tayo Rockson, is what we call a ‘third culture kid’. HavingTayo Rockson lived in Nigeria, Burkino Faso, Sweden, Vietnam, and the US, he came to understand that it’s our differences that make us strong, and now he encourages others to use their diversity to emphasize their own strengths. He’s a very warm guy with an infectious personality, and I’m very pleased to welcome him to the show.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Tayo and I discuss:

  • The various methods for monetizing great content once you have it – whether it’s a blog, a podcast, or something else.
  • How Tayo used teaser trailers to promote his newest venture UYD (Use Your Difference) University.
  • And the advantages that travelling and working as a digital nomad bring to those who try them out.

It sounds surprising,” says Tayo, “but I used to really be an introvert. It was when I moved from Nigeria to Burkino Faso that I realized I had to find a way to fit in and to connect with people, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I’ve been connecting with people over sports and geography and things like that for a long time, and now I do it by helping people. When you help someone out and you see that light go on inside them, that’s a great feeling. Because of that, I like to fix problems – and that’s how I’ve ended up where I am today.

Tayo has a lot of projects on the go right now, and I sense he’s destined to do great things with all of them. As well as his personal website and Twitter feed, you can find out more at UYD Magazine and UYD University. Until next week, find a way to make your difference count.

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