Guaranteed Celebrity: How to get on TV and become an instant celebrity, with Clint Arthur

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Today we live in a fame economy. Getting your products known mClint Arthureans getting your personal brand out there and becoming a celebrity in your particular niche. Increasingly, the internet and social media are providing new ways to do that, which many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. But today’s Hardcore MBA guest, Clint Arthur, takes a different approach. He thinks that television – one of the oldest mass broadcast mediums – is still the best and most important place for you to be seen.

During our chat, Clint and I discuss:

  • Why television is still as relevant as it ever was, and why the rise of the internet can actually make it easier to appear on shows.
  • How to start in smaller markets and work your way up the ladder to the national brands.
  • And Clint’s own journey to The Today Show via his experience living his life as if it were his last year on earth.
I’m not concerned about who or how many people see me on a television show when it first airs,” Clint tells me. “It’s nice if they do, of course, but I’m not relying on making many direct sales from the original appearance. Instead, you can treat each appearance on a show as if it’s a slick, well-produced marketing video that the network is paying to create for you. You can take that appearance, branded with the name of whatever network you appeared on, and use it on your own channels to bring in the customers and sales you’re looking for. And all you need in return is to give the television networks some information that can be useful and interesting and entertaining to their viewers.

Clint is a very positive guy and has a whole bunch of entertaining (and sometimes touching) stories about his life and the adventures it has taken him on, so I strongly recommend listening to this podcast and taking away some tips on how to increase your own media profile. For more information, take a look at Guaranteed Celebrity, or consider buying one of Clint’s many excellent books. Until next time, keep living life to the fullest!
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