How To Turn A Niche Website Into A Money-Generating Investment with Justin Cooke

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TZPrkIGiIt’s always fun for me to talk to another entrepreneur who has taken a similar path to mine – and that’s why I’ve called Justin Cooke for this week’s Hardcore MBA. Justin’s business, Empire Flippers, is based in Davao City in the Philippines, just like my own Mr. Outsource company. However, he does something a little bit different. Empire Flippers is a platform for website builders to sell their sites to entrepreneurs looking for an investment.

In this week’s podcast, Justin and I discuss:

  • The roundabout route through which Empire Flippers got started – proving that it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s all about where you end up.
  • The various strategies that entrepreneurs have used to turn niche websites into profit – whether it’s through actively building up an affiliates program or simply using pay-per-click advertising.
  • And the advantages of being based in Asia and building your business in one of the world’s largest markets.

“People are sometimes amazed when they realize that people buy up these ready-made sites from Empire Flippers,” Justin tells me. “They think to themselves, ‘well, I could easily build up the same website and within a year I’d be getting the same number of hits’. And that would be a lot cheaper for them. And then there are other people who don’t want to deal with the technical side of building sites or even the hassle of hiring someone else directly to do it for them – they would never consider starting a website themselves, they just want to purchase one that already exists and is already working well. And that’s the difference between two kinds of entrepreneurs – we can either leverage our time into making something good, or we can leverage our money into the same. People tend to be able to use one or the other, but it’s rare to have both.”

If you’ve been looking to turn the power of the internet into a successful freedom business for yourself, make sure you tune into this week’s Hardcore MBA. And afterwards, don’t forget to check out Empire Flippers.

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