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jldOn this week’s Hardcore MBA, we’re going a little ‘meta’ – by giving you a podcast all about making podcasts. John Lee Dumas is the founder and presenter of one of the world’s most popular business podcasts, Entrepreneur on Fire. He generates a quarter of a million dollars of revenue a month from a business based primarily on the same model as Hardcore MBA – interviewing entrepreneurs and getting great and valuable insights from them. If he can do it, you, me, or anyone else can too – so check out this week’s podcast to hear his secrets.

In the podcast, John and I discuss:

  • The three elements that can make any podcast a hit right from day one.
  • The types of revenue Entrepreneur on Fire brings in, and how John managed to hit that magic quarter-of-a-million mark.
  • And the ways in which he utilizes outsourcing and automation to make his work even easier.

I asked John what the future looks like for podcasts. “I think we’re in a golden era of podcasts right now,” he replied, “and things are going to become more and more mainstream as time goes on, but also more professional. In the last few years so many new, excellent podcasts have been started, which have set a high bar for the future. But at the same time it’s easy for anyone with the drive to succeed to make a professional-sounding podcast. It used to be hard to produce a good podcast, and you even needed to be somewhat technologically-minded to find them, download them, and listen to them. And those barriers are gone now, so things are exploding.”

If you’re feeling inspired after listening to this week’s podcast, why not go and make your own? John runs websites that will help you start your own podcasts and webinars in a matter of days. And if you need some more great ideas, don’t forget to listen to Entrepreneur on Fire.

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