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Brad_Warner_Hardcore_MBA-PodcastThis week we have a very thoughtful guest who will be discussing something a bit different from normal. Brad Warner is an ordained Soto Zen priest, a bass player in a punk band, and the author of several wonderfully-titled books about Buddhism. In 1993 he moved to Japan to learn more about Zen and also ended up getting a job at a Japanese TV production company. So it’s fair to say that his experience is a little different from the entrepreneurs we normally have here on Hardcore MBA!

In this week’s podcast, Brad and I discuss:

  • How he first became interested in Zen, his journey from that initial interest to being ordained as a priest, and what exactly Zen involves.
  • The many ways in which Zen ideals and practices can be applied to business situations to reduce tension and achieve goals.
  • And, of course, life, the universe, and everything else!

When asked about how to approach business in a Zen manner, Brad said, “My teacher’s teacher used to have some interesting thoughts about this that I think still apply today. He said that the problem with many businessmen is that they see their customers as adversaries, as someone that they have to defeat and wear down and convince to give them money. Instead of seeing them as an enemy to be conquered, we should see business as a game to be played. We work with the customer and give them the opportunity to spend money – which is something people enjoy doing! – on something that they want. In that way, everybody wins.”


This week’s Hardcore MBA really does have too many gems to describe them all here in one small blog post – Brad is the kind of guy who can always find something interesting and thoughtful to say on any topic, even when he admits that it might not be his specialist subject. Once you’re done listening, you can check out his highly-recommended books on Amazon, take a look at his website, and, if you’re in Europe, catch him on tour later this year.

Until next, as Brad might say, sit down and shut up!

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