Making the Most of Your Life, Whatever the Cost with Jason Benham

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BenhamBrothersThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Jason Benham, began his career as a pro baseball player in the minor leagues. When he and his brother retired, they realised they needed to find a new niche in life – and through hard work and a willingness to take risks, they founded their own real estate empire and now own a massive fourteen different businesses. It’s an all-American tale, and one which we’ll be telling on this week’s podcast.

Jason and I discuss:

  • How the Benham brothers got started in real estate, and how they weathered the storm during the crash.
  • The difference between our traditional understanding of profit, and the true profit that is bringing opportunity and life to others.
  • And the story of their cancelled reality TV show with the Home and Garden network.

Jason tells me, “We motivate our employees by telling them that action precedes motivation. You don’t start out motivated, you make yourself motivated by getting out there and doing something. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t wanna get out of bed – I’d rather lie there and sleep longer. But I jump up anyway and I brush my teeth and I start making breakfast – and within twenty minutes I’m wide awake and ready to get started. I don’t wanna go back to bed at that point, I want to make things happen.”

Jason and I perhaps don’t see eye-to-eye on absolutely everything, but there is no doubting that he understands the amount of hard work it takes to start a successful business, and for that reason alone you need to listen to this week’s podcast. Once you’re done, check out more about the brothers at their personal website, or grab a copy of their book, Whatever the Cost.

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