Let The Time Doctor Heal Your Productivity Problems with Liam Martin

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liamm-540x360I am a big champion of outsourcing, as you probably already know by now. But there is one big downfall to working with a remote team located in various places around the world – and that’s how to make sure everyone is being productive. That’s where Liam Martin, this week’s Hardcore MBA guest, comes in. He is the founder of Time Doctor, a company that helps businesses big and small track what their employees are doing and improve their efficiency. It’s kind of a Google Analytics for your team.

In this week’s podcast, Liam and I discuss:

  • How Time Doctor got started after Liam struggled with the productivity of his own staff while running an online tutoring business.
  • The difference in levels of productivity across various countries, and how countries with smaller GDPs tend to actually work harder.
  • And how the future of work is going to look very different to the present due to new software and productivity options that are being created now.

“The internet is going to change things massively in the coming years, it hasn’t even really started yet,” Liam told me. “People are increasingly starting to ask why they should work from a boring office in the same location all the time when it isn’t necessary anymore. The whole system of thing being fixed in particular places is going to collapse soon. Look at cable television, for example – cable companies are starting to lose money, because people don’t want to be tied to a single connection in a single location anymore. They want Netflix, they want to watch things on demand, when it’s convenient for them.”

Liam has a very visionary approach to the world of work, and Time Doctor is a potentially very interesting program for anyone running a business with employees located around the world. So take a listen to this week’s podcast, and if you like the sound of it, check it out for yourself.

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