How to Shopify Your Way To A Million Dollar Business with Kurt Elster

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3S4Dhw9MCreating a great product is only half of the battle. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you have no clear and easy way of letting your potential customers buy it, you’re gonna stay broke. This week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Kurt Elster, can help you with exactly that problem – he’s an expert in e-sales techniques, with a particular focus on the excellent Shopify website.

In this week’s podcast, Kurt and I discuss:

  • The reasons for using a flexible platform like Shopify, rather than the one-size-fits-all model of Amazon or similar sites.
  • How to optimize your e-sales site to be as intuitive as possible to visitors, thereby capturing the customers you’re currently missing out on.
  • And the future of e-commerce – Kurt reveals the point at which he thinks smaller e- commerce sites like Shopify will truly be able to compete with the Goliath that is Amazon.

“It’s vital that your Shopify site looks as professional as possible,” Kurt tells me, “because professionalism equals trustworthiness. Poor photos and spelling mistakes hurt a lot – and stock photos are just as bad. People can spot a stock photo from a mile off, and it makes it look like you’re an amateur who’s trying his luck. Instead, include your own face and name, and talk to your customers as if you’re addressing them personally. Anything you can do to build trust will make people more likely to decide to give you their credit card details.”

Kurt provides a step-by-step basis on which to build and improve your own personal Shopify site, which could start making you money and building your customer list immediately. So make sure to tune into this week’s Hardcore MBA, and when you’re finished don’t forget to take a look at Ethercycle and Kurt’s personal website.

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