How To Make Money While Traveling The World with David Schneider

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downloadThis week’s Hardcore MBA guest, David Schneider, lives the definition of a freedom lifestyle. He quit his job and traveled to over 40 countries, supporting himself through travel blogging and other business ideas, and has now settled down to start working on a company that helps others do the same. Of course, that doesn’t mean his traveling days are over – he’s in charge of the business, so when he needs a little time away from it, he can have that. It’s what I expect every Hardcore MBA listener to be aspiring to.

In this week’s podcast, David and I talk about:

  • How David started to make money from his travel blog, and what he did to make that income snowball into something he could live off while traveling.
  • How to deal with outsourcing your work to people around the world, and the red flags to look out for when hiring an outsourced employee.
  • David’s great new project, Ninja Outreach, which aims to connect brands with bloggers to the benefit of both.

David says “some people start a business with the exit strategy already in place, their aim is to build a business they can sell. That’s fine, but that’s not what we’re doing with Ninja Outreach. We have no problem with selling it if the right offer comes in, but ultimately we just hope to have a flourishing business five years from now.” David’s heading to Costa Rica soon, but the focus on the business means that traveling happens a little less often than it used to – “if you work while traveling you always have that trade-off of seeing the place you visit or focusing on your prefer to have a few intense weeks of travel and then to get on with the hard work.”

David is a great inspiration to anyone who wants to live the freedom lifestyle, and this week’s podcast will allow you to take some of his wisdom and hopefully apply it to your own system. And if you’re running a blog or looking for some influential writers to boost your own brand, don’t forget to take a look at what Ninja Outreach can do for you.

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