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When John Lee’s parents came over from Hong Kong, they probably expected their son to follow in the family footsteps and open a Chinese restaurant. Instead, he went the way of the dragon – the Wealth Dragons. After figuring out that the normal 9-to-5 life wasn’t for him, this week’s Hardcore MBA guest John Lee has gone on to run numerous business and host events all over the UK and the world. He’s a great example of how perseverance gets you everywhere, and I’m very pleased to welcome him to the podcast.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, John and I discuss:

  • How to build a huge platform, and just what those users could be worth to your business.
  • The importance of setting out priorities and cultivating healthy and wealthy habits.
  • And John lays out his four point plan for how to turn an underwhelming sideline in speaking gigs into a big business proposition.

I asked John what had started off his journey towards entrepreneurship. He told me, “everyone in my family has always had the same model in their head, that the way to succeed is to open a Chinese takeaway and work hard. Which seemed like a bit of a dead-end to me. But the other model I was taught was to become a lawyer or a doctor, and make a lot of money per hour. But you still have to work long, hard hours to succeed. I also realized that working a job, any kind of job, is at least as risky as being an entrepreneur – maybe even more so. If you’re working a job, they can turn around and fire you, and you’re gone. So I wondered if there was a way to make money without having to earn it by the hour, and that’s when things got started for me.”

John is a really fun guy to talk to, and I hope you enjoy listening to this week’s Hardcore MBA as much as I enjoyed recording it. When you’re done, don’t forget to check out some sample chapters from The Wealth Dragon Way or grab a copy on Amazon, and see when the next free Wealth Dragons event will be held near you.

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