How to Optimize Your Processes and Double Your Efficiency with Khuram Malik

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Khuram MalikOne thing I love to talk to clients and podcast listeners about is processes, and the importance of tweaking your business systems until they can operate efficiently without you needing to be involved in every step. Only when you’ve achieved that can you really look forward to the freedom lifestyle that I advocate. This week’s guest, Khuram Malik, thinks exactly the same way – his line of work is process optimization, which means working with clients to identify the systems that are currently acting as stumbling blocks on the way to a more efficient business.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Khuram and I talk about:

  • The importance of throughput – that is, how quickly a company can go from initial inputs to their final output, whatever that might be.
  • The concerns that people have about increasing efficiency through technology, such as whether it will put people out of jobs, or be difficult for staff to use.
  • And the need to retain some amount of human judgement when automating processes – people prefer to interact with humans rather than well-trained machines.

“There was an incident a few years back,” Khuram told me, “where a major department store automated their systems so much that they could identify important facts about their customers just from their buying habits. But they left out the importance of having some real human oversight on the process. The system identified that a customer was very likely to be pregnant, and, ridiculously, sent out a letter congratulating her father on becoming a granddad. It’s likely that he had no idea about it yet, and what a way to find out! That’s a great example of why we need to strike a balance between automation and human work when optimizing processes.”

Khuram has a lot of very intelligent things to say about tweaking your business processes, and listening to this week’s Hardcore MBA will be a great learning experience for anyone who wants to improve their efficiency. If you’re looking to get some more tailored advice from Khuram, head over to and book a personal session.

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