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Allon KhakshouriAllon Khakshouri is the former agent of world #1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, owns tennis tournament franchises and lots of real estate investments. Having worked alongside the best tennis players in the world he has helped these individuals achieve greatness in life, sport and business. Who better to show us how to Unlock Your Millionaire Mindset!

We love talking to successful people here at Hardcore MBA, and we love hearing about their goals, their ideas, and their plans for the future. We love hearing about the practical steps they took to achieve success, and passing those tips onto you, the listener. But maybe we should stop sometimes and think about what makes those successful people tick. What is it that deep down drives them to be successful?

Today’s guest Allon Khakshouri has been exploring exactly that topic during his years as manager of some of the most successful tennis stars in the world, and in his new book How to win at Life and Love.

In the podcast, Allon and I discuss:

  • The key points that separate world class performers from those who are merely good.
  • The importance of confronting and understanding your own thoughts, and visualizing a successful future for yourself.
  • And Allon’s personal story of how he changed his life to successfully achieve his goals in love as well as in his work.

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