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CharlieHoehn_HardcoreMBAThose of you who have read my book, Never Work Again, will know that it opens with one of the worst moments of my life – having a panic attack on a London tube train from all the stress and strain I had put myself under. I thought I was going to die that day, but I was fortunate that it was a lot less serious than it felt at the time, and I was able to treat it as a wake-up call to live a life I actually wanted. This week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Charlie Hoehn, went through a similar experience in the past, and it encouraged him to write the book Play It Away.

In this week’s podcast, Charlie and I discuss:

  • The terrible, workaholic habits that Charlie found himself engaging in, and the kinds of pressures that created that behaviour.
  • The importance of unstructured, non-competitive play for increasing social connections and making you feel much better.
  • And the need to take that play-based approach to your leisure time and apply it to work – find someone who is playing a game you want to be part of, and emulate them.

“The world is a state of mind,” says Charlie, “so why shouldn’t we view the world as our playground, and our work as a game that we actually want to play for the foreseeable future? Every hour of life was given to us as a gift, we didn’t have to do anything or pay anyone to earn it, so why treat it like an economic commodity? And why treat the people around us as frightening strangers? If we’d grown up next door to them, they’d be the same person, but we’d probably be best friends with them – so why be scared of them now? We need to break out of these fear- based ways of thinking.”

I’ve gone through the same kind of experience as Charlie, so I speak from personal knowledge when I say that he knows what he’s talking about – making time for fun, play-based activities will improve the quality of your life multiple times over. When you’re done listening to this week’s podcast, check out Charlie’s books on Amazon for more information.

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