Outsourcing for a Freedom Business with Erlend Bakke and Mitch Axelrod

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erlendbakkeAs you can tell from the title, this week’s podcast is a little different – because for once, I get to be the guest! Yes, my former guest Mitch Axelrod asked me to appear on his podcast to speak about my work with Mr. Outsource, the company that will provide you with fully trained outsourced Filipino staff to help take your business to the next level and start you on the road to building a freedom business.

In the podcast, Mitch and I discuss:

  • The important differences between wantrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business operators, and freedom business owners.
  • The four key roles that all businesses need to fulfil, and the different skills that are needed for each – you can’t do all of these yourself, so you’ll need to hire some staff!
  • And the tricks that we use at Mr. Outsource to match you with your ideal outsourced virtual assistant.

I first found my way into outsourcing after completely burning myself out, and I now make it part of my life to try and avoid the same thing happening to other people. It can be hard to let things go when you start out as an entrepreneur – you feel so attached to your ideas that you don’t want to give other people the chance to ruin them. And people will get things wrong when you first step into the world of employing staff – that’s just human nature. But I’m a firm believer that if we treat our employees with compassion and understanding, they bounce back much stronger, and that benefits you, your business, and your customers.

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