Do You Quantum Think? with Dianne Collins

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Do You Quantum Think? With Dianne Collins: Part One

Dianne-Collins2This week we have a two-part episode of Hardcore MBA with a very special guest – Dianne Collins is a writer for the Huffington Post and the author of Do You Quantum Think? The book provides a great new approach to thinking that will help you calibrate your life towards the things you really want.

In the first part of the podcast, Dianne and I discuss:

  • The origins of the idea of the ‘quantum leap’ – making a massive, seemingly impossible leap into a totally different future.
  • How we can shape our own reality by realising that existence is simply energy shaped by intelligence.
  • And what are the right times to use linear thinking (i.e. traditional models of thinking) and the right times to use quantum thinking.

Dianne tells me that “we tend to learn about the physiology of the brain in our education, and about the psychology of the mind. But we don’t learn about how to have a masterful relationship with our patterns of thinking. We learn what our thoughts supposedly mean, but not how to take control of our thoughts for the purpose of improving our life. Mind is fundamental to everything else – to our actions, and to how we perceive reality, and we have to start learning about it in schools.”

In the first part of this two-part series, you can make that leap for yourself and start to learn about patterns of thinking and how to turn them to the things you really want to achieve in life.


Do You Quantum Think? With Dianne Collins: Part Two

This is the second part of my interview with Dianne Collins, author of Do You Quantum Think? and teacher of a great new approach to thinking that could revolutionise your life. In this second part, Dianne and I discuss:

  • How to think like a $10 million pound company, even if you’re only a $250k company at the moment.
  • The difference between merely ‘thinking positive’ and switching to Quantum Thinking.
  • And how to get started on identifying your positive and negative thoughts and making a change to your life.

This two-part interview with Dianne has been an eye-opener for me, providing a whole new way of thinking about my habits of thought and how they relate to my business. I hope you’ll find the time to listen carefully to both parts and pick up some of the many great tips that Dianne has to share. When you’re finished, check out her website and LinkedIn page for more information.

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