Expert Millionaire Chris Payne Explains What Works and How He Has Made Millions Selling Info Products

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This week we have a very special edition of Hardcore MBA for you – it’s our first ever video podcast! From now on, you’ll get to feel even closer to the great conversations I have every week with entrepreneurs from around the world – it’ll be almost as good as sitting in your own living room with them. And to kick off this new era, we have a guy who is a master of the long form sales letter, Christopher Payne. He’s been in business for decades, and never with anything less than great success, so he’s a wonderful choice to be the guest on our first Hardcore MBA video.

In this week’s show, Christopher and I discuss:

  • The key importance of the spreadsheet in Christopher’s business model – if you’re not measuring things, you’re not going to be able to improve them.
  • The need to focus on products that sell in lower numbers but have much higher profit margins.
  • And how to start up some great personal habits and take advantage of the compound benefits they bring.

Christopher tells me “one of the earliest products I sold was a relaxation device, so I took out a tiny advert in a ‘New Age’ magazine, and sold a few products that way. The next month I doubled the size of the advert, and the number of sales went up too. So I kept doing it, doubling the size of the advert until I was buying multi-page advertorials – because I could see from the planning and the spreadsheets I had put together that I was improving my margins each time. Each time I made the advert bigger, the sales went up just as much!”

As an extra treat, Chris has kindly taken the time to add 28 photos to the video to explain and clarify points that he is making – which can only add to your enjoyment of the podcast and the terrific learnings you’ll get from it.
chris payne
unnamed (1)Chris & Erlend

Christopher has a mind that goes a mile a minute, and contains hundreds, if not thousands, of great business tips and interesting stories for you to learn from. I really enjoyed making this first video podcast, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it just as much. When you’re done, you can get all sorts of great free products from Christopher’s website – he has a special page just for listeners of this blog.


And don’t forget to sign up for a webinar with me and Christopher on 17th of November. Register Here – don’t miss it, it’s gonna be great!

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