How to Become a Super Human with Hari Kalymnios

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“I tell everyone I work with: I’m not going to do anything to you. You have to do it all to yourself. I’m just here to point you in the right direction.”

Hari Kalymnios_HARDCOREMBAThis week’s guest is a guy who knew he was going to be special at a very early age – so much so that he insisted on changing his name from Harry to Hari, just to be different. Now that he’s grown up, his goal is to help you release your inner superhero and increase your physical health and energy levels – all through harnessing the power of your mind. I’m very pleased to welcome Hari Kalymnios to this week’s Hardcore MBA.

In the podcast:

  • The importance of applying what successful people do to your own life and experimenting with the results.
  • How to get motivated to make important changes and help your mind and body reach their full potential.
  • The great idea of the Five Minute Journal, and how Hari uses it to keep track of what’s going well and what needs to change.
  • And what morning routine Hari follows in order to hit peak performance throughout the day.

Getting the mind and body in the right shape is just as important as a great business idea for any budding entrepreneur, so make sure you listen to this week’s podcast for some great hints and tips about how to do that. And if you want more information about Hari’s work, The Thought Gym will give you a whole host of material, including courses on upping your energy levels and improving your sleep, and you can also check out his personal site and YouTube channel.

Why not tell us about your inner superpower in the comments?


How to Become Superhuman and Find Unstoppable Energy

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