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“Often when we communicate, we’re not really communicating – people aren’t in the moment when they’re doing it, they’re on their iPhone or thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, or whatever. But as an entrepreneur, you need to be focused on the present, because that’s how you build relationships.”

Rodney KingI sometimes think that I had to deal with some hard times on my way to success – long hours,stress, panic attacks. But I never found myself sleeping rough in a park. That’s the situation Rodney King found himself in a few years back, and was the catalyst for turning his life around. Now he teaches people his ideas about ‘full contact living’ and encourages them to develop ‘inner management’ – that is, careful control of the thoughts and emotions to help you achieve what you truly want in life.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA, Rodney and I discuss:

  • How to harness the power of the parasympathetic nervous system to overcome the feeling of ‘fight or flight’.
  • Why ‘visioning’ the future can be useful – but not if you do it right before you need to perform, when you need to be living in the moment.
  • The importance of the body in controlling the thoughts and emotions we have.
  • And Rodney’s favourite book, A Whole New Mind, and why unlikely collaborations are going to become crucial in the future.

I’ve been meditating for a number of years now, and I can confirm that having control of your emotions and thoughts is crucial to living a calm, balanced, and ultimately enjoyable lifestyle. Rodney can help you achieve that through a whole range of methods, so check out Full Contact Living after listening to this week’s podcasts.

Do you have any examples of how living in the present has benefited you, either personally or professionally? Let us know below!

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