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“Don’t use social media aimlessly – use it to research potential leads so that when you cold email them later on you have some information you can customise your message with.”

alex_berman_hardcore_mba_podcastI’m sure all entrepreneurs have had the experience of cold-calling or sending direct mail to someone in the hope of landing a new client. But for many of us, it’s not really in our nature – we hate feeling that we’re bugging people, or we’re simply a bit shy and inexperienced with that kind of thing. As a big fan of outsourcing, I’ve always thought it would be great if someone else could do the heavy lifting when it comes to cold selling. That’s where Alex Berman and Inspire Beats come in – they have the art of cold emailing potential leads down to a T, and in this week’s Hardcore MBA, Alex explains what it’s all about.

In the podcast, Alex and I discuss:

  • Why cold emailing can be better than cold calling or sending direct mails.
  • The five points of contact Alex and his team will make with potential new clients, and how you can incorporate them into your own practice.
  • How Inspire Beats collects information on potential prospects and converts them into leads.
  • And how to write the perfect email subject line that will actually get opened, read, and responded to.

Alex and Inspire Beats are providing a great service for new entrepreneurs who have wonderful products but need to build a list of potential clients quickly in order to start making sales. This week’s podcast also contains a great number of tips for anyone looking to do some of their own, smaller-scale cold emailing, so I recommend all of you to take a listen.

Have you had any successes with cold emailing? Or do you still think cold calling is the best option for picking up new clients? Let us know in the comments!

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