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“I call myself a lifestyle coach rather than just a fitness coach or personal trainer – because often, better sleep, better nutrition, and stress reduction techniques are just as important for my clients as working out.”

nickmays_hardcorembaThis week’s Hardcore MBA is a short and easy listen, as I chat with charismatic life coach Nick Mays. Nick has worked with a number of celebrity clients in the UK and the results have been stunning, with numerous newspaper spreads focusing on the miracle results he’s had.

In this week’s podcast, Nick and I discuss a few of the key moments in his life and the tips he has for my listeners:

  • How Nick went from being a normal personal trainer to making it as a life coach for the stars.
  • The importance of achieving a healthy balance between your work, your fitness regime, and your lifestyle.
  • And the key techniques Nick’s clients use to reduce their stress levels, live longer, and look better.

Everyone can take something from this week’s podcast, because the advice Nick is dishing out is universal – we can all improve the way we feel by building a few simple habits that will change our lives. If you’re interested in finding out more about Nick’s work, or even working with him as a life coach, check out Figureworx.

Do you have any top stress reduction or nutrition tips that have helped you improve your performance? Share them in the comments below!

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