Make Your Life Easier Through Cloud Accountancy with Tracy Irwin

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“Accountancy isn’t about just getting someone in to sort out your taxes at the end of the year anymore. Now, a good accountant is more like a consultant who helps you maximise your
business every day.”tracyirvin

I hope this week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Tracy Irwin from TI Payroll, will excuse me when I say:
dealing with the accounts is, for most of us, boring. That’s why it’s usually the first thing every entrepreneur outsources, even if they don’t think of it that way – but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you hire a highly qualified accountant like Tracy to deal with the money issues for you. And for those of you who are yet to start your business, and are adamant that you can deal with the tax and legal issues yourself, this week’s podcast will hopefully convince you of just how wrong you are.

In the podcast, Tracy and I discuss:

  • The importance of picking the right accountant, someone who you can get along with, because you’re going to be working closely with them on some of the most important parts of your business.
  • How to use the cloud-based Xero system to simplify your accounts and make your life easier.
  • The Profit First model of Mike Michalowicz (a previous guest star in Hardcore MBA!), and how Tracy implements it with clients.

Hiring an accountant is usually a ‘gateway’ to outsourcing more – once you’ve seen how much time you can save by paying someone else to do the boring work, and once you’ve understood how you can grow your business and make even more money in that free time, you never go back. Take a listen to this week’s podcast, and then head over to TI Payroll’s website or Facebook to get in touch with Tracy if you think she could help you on the path to the freedom lifestyle.

What’s your experience with accountants? Good or bad? Let us know in the comments!


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