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williamirvin_hardcoreHappy New Year!

This year I´m doing a life experiment on living stoically and who better to kick the year off than my favorite stoic author!

William B. Irvine is the author of A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Guide to Stoic Joy. This is the book that I consider the most important book and starting point for entrepreneurs. It has totally transformed my approach to life and business.

We discuss:

  • How entrepreneurs can achieve tranquility and success
  • The importance of focusing on what we can control, and letting go of everything else
  • The importance of letting go of wealth, fame and popularity
  • How to use negative visualistation to achieve joy and happiness
  • And much, much more!

Today’s harried entrepreneurs complain about being anxious, stressed, and unable to enjoy their lives.  William’s solution teaches us to step back and learn by identifying the one thing that is worth having and attaining, tranquility.

Wealth, prosperity, fame, and popularity are good but those come to happen when you’re living your life in a productive way and in a way that is useful to others.  These are byproducts of the pursuit of your goal. According to the stoic philosophy your goal in life should be to achieve tranquility. Here is recipe to achieve that goal.

If you want to know what it takes to live a Stoic life, listen to the podcast and learn as I interview William B. Irvine.

For more information on William B. Irvine check out:
Guide To Good Life Ancient Stoic Book

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