10 X Your Productivity with Erlend Bakke

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Finally, here’s another mind-boggling episode this week @Hardcore MBA!

I am going to uncover my secrets about speeding up productivity 10times higher and generate gigantic results in no time!

I have highlighted a few important topics from my book “Never Work Again” that will surely shake up your entire system!


We will talk about:

  • Having a clear objective at the beginning of your day
  • Taking actions most of the time and having the ability to identify what to focus on
  • Doing a correct practice on a daily basis. How correct and simple habits overtime can get you tremendous success

  • You can do anything, but you can’t do everything
  • Focus on fewer things while doing each very well
  • Our time as our most valuable asset
  • How to build up your Capacity by getting people to help you out do things and empower them and let them get on the bid
  • Some useful techniques to develop productivity and become more Efficient



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