How To Transform Your Business with ‘The 90 Day to Profit’ Formula

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What is 90 Days to Profit really about? It´s a proven system to turn around any business in 90 days or less! I spend the good part of one year writing the book with Steve and we are really excited about giving it away to you for free. Just click this link

Matthew interviewed Steve and I on the book and we cover the following topics:

  • How the 7 Steps to Profit can help your business today
  • How to realistically apply the Pareto principle on hyperdrive in your business
  • How we wrote 90 Days to Profit and how you can write a book as well

About Steve Shoulder:

Steve starts out telling the viewers about his background, acting as an interim manager for the past 21 years.  These businesses are either struggling, close to the brink, or wanting to grow substantially.   He has worked with BMW, Shell, Jaguar, Du Pont and other massive companies.  However, he has also worked with small family-run businesses and a lot of businesses in between.  A lot of his work is concentrated on small-and-medium-enterprises.  He uses the same methodology for various sized businesses.

90 Days to Profit is about the journey that Steve has taken as a Transformation Specialist, taking a business from a dark place and leading it into a more profitable place, and the book explains how you can do the same for your own business or other people’s businesses (as a consultant).

The 7 Step Process is something that Steve’s developed over the past 21 years.  It’s a structured methodology to work through a transformation exercise in the business that starts with identifying the problem, reviewing the data, identifies the opportunities and narrowing down the focus to one thing.  Trying too many things results in achieving nothing.  It’s a method to get you sharply focused on what you’re going to fix and what you’re going to fix it with.  There’s an implementation phase, a testing phase, and a roll out phase.  It’s a robust, structured, and fully functioning process.

Erlend talks about the Pareto Principle and how to see things differently.  This book actually helps you achieve this later on.  Erlend helps to define terms a little bit better, differentiating small businesses as businesses that make £30 Million a year.  He also talks about his interests in the different aspects of running a business.  Steve and Erlend got together and pooled their talent to come up with the book.  Erlend worked on teasing out the key learning points and the overall branding of the book (and everything that accompanies it).

90 Days to Profit is a story of a guy named Ralph Hill who loses his job but meets an old colleague who has done well for himself.  The book then discusses how Ralph’s life is transformed.  The way it’s structured is that this book uses stories that make it more engaging.  At the same time, the lessons and learnings come from Steve’s two decades of experience.  It’s very easy to read and based on relevant context.

Combining fiction and non-fiction to come up with this book was an idea that Steve and Erlend came up with together.  Both of them bring different ideas to the table that has helped them write the book, and you can get it for free by clicking here

The book’s ideal reader is anyone who has a desire to transform a business for whatever reason: a consultant or an aspiring consultant, a manager, senior manager, or a business owner.  It’s basically for anyone who wants to follow a structured process to take a business to a better place.  It’s scalable and easy enough to understand.  Anyone can understand this process.  This is about giving people a properly worked out process that will help people understand their business and get the results they need.  The process itself is very simple to understand.  It’s not intricate or sophisticated.  It is something that’s easy to apply to your business.

Get the book for free here:

Matthew was able to understand the framework in minutes.  The book helps you make the right decision at the right time so you can progress to the next steps.  Steve talks about hurdles you have to go through before you go to the next step.  You have to establish what problem you’re going to fix and communicate what you need to do before you progress to the next step.

Now that the writing and editing has been done, over the next couple of months, Erlend and Steve are running a webinar on May 6, 2017.  On May 20th, there’s a live seminar in the UK that’s taking place, and lots of promotion to get the book into as many hands as possible.  

On April 25th, the book launches and will be available for free on Amazon (for one day only).  90 Days to Profit launches on Kindle, as a paperback, and an audiobook on the same day —  meaning you can get the book in any form you like.

After you buy the book, you will have a community and an ecosystem that will help you get your business to the next level, where we hold your hand through the entire process.

To learn more about this wonderful collaboration between Steve and Erlend, visit:

PS: Matthew Turner is the author of ‘The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success‘. If you would like to learn how successful people overcome adversity and failure, grab your free welcome pack at:

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