Apprentice Star Bianca Miller Helps You Push Your Personal Brand to the Next Level

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BiancaMillerThis week on Hardcore MBA we have another star of TV’s The Apprentice (you might remember that I previously chatted with winner Mark Wright). But Bianca Miller was already a top-notch entrepreneur before turning up with Lord Sugar, having started her first business as a dance teacher at the tender age of 12, and had already successfully started her personal branding consultancy before pitching her nude tights business to a national audience.

In the podcast, Bianca and I discuss:

  • The path through university, HR, and recruitment that Bianca took before her personal branding business took off.
  • The importance of personal branding for helping employees to demonstrate their skills and earn the promotions they deserve.
  • Why you need to be patient enough to play the long game when trying to break into corporate consulting.
  • How to match your personal style to the industry you’re in while still allowing room for creativity.
  • And how to get a business started on the internet before branching out into physical stores.

Bianca is a bubbly, vivacious young woman who was a pleasure to talk to, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to the podcast and picking up some of her great tips and tricks just as much as I enjoyed doing the interview. After you’ve taken a listen, don’t forget to check out Bianca’s personal branding consultancy, her range of nude tights (not just for women, as we learned in the podcast!), and her personal website.

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2 thoughts on “UNCENSORED with Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar man calls me a Cu#”$$”! (Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)

  1. Tyler Basu

    Wow great job getting Dan to do an interview with you! He is the mentor to Dan Lok, an entrepreneur from Vancouver whom I have come to know quite well. Dan (Lok) talks about the impact Dan Pena had on his life all the time. Now I know why!

  2. Mat Ven

    You mentioned Napoleon Hill and Outwitting book, you wanted to continue but you were interrupted by Dan, what did you want to say?

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