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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner, author of ‘The Successful Mistake’ talks to top-rated entrepreneur, podcaster and Founder, Daniel Gefen.

In this interview, Daniel Gefen discusses how he has personally connected with influencers during his own journey of getting of hosting and growing his podcast, ‘Can I Pick Your Brain’.  His success connecting with influencers has contributed to the fact he doesn’t do what most normal people will but instead commits to doing something better and different from the rest.

In this episode, Matthew and Daniel discuss:

  • Why Daniel got into Podcasting
  • How effective marketing is (and how most people get it wrong)
  • His personal secrets to podcast success

  • How to reach out and talk to influencers
  • How to be a great guest on shows (and what you must bring to the table)
  • How you can stand out from the rest, by being memorable and different from the rest

Show Notes:

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