British Lord Karan Bilimoria Reveals The Secrets of Cobra Beer’s Success

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Karan BillmoriaKaran Bilimoria is one of the great success stories of recent years – he came from a background in the British Empire, where he grew up around the fearsome Gurkha soldiers, to create the internationally successful Cobra beer brand, and eventually ended up as an independent member of Britain’s House of Lords. In this week’s podcast, Lord Bilimoria and I discuss:

  • How subjects outside the normal realm of business, such as accountancy and law, can help build your entrepreneurial skills.
  • The historical importance of innovation in Indian entrepreneurship.
  • Why more big companies from the east will be setting up shop in the UK soon.
  • The problems that are caused by hiring the wrong people.
  • And some of the major speedbumps that Cobra beer had to overcome on its way to international success.

Lord Bilimoria has many years of experience with a whole range of businesses – so many of the things he’s touched have turned to gold that this is a vital podcast for any young entrepreneur to listen to. To find out more about Lord Bilimoria’s work, check out his personal website after listening to the podcast.

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