Chasing Stardom Made Easier by Building your Personal Brand with Leonard Kim

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This week’s episode will teach you about building a personal brand and understanding how important it is in growing your career and business. We get to hear from the genius Leonard Kim who is also known as  “Mr. Personal Brand”. He is an expert in personal branding and the co-founder of Influence Tree: a personal branding accelerator company. He is recognized by Forbes as a Top Marketing Influencer and featured in  Inc. Magazine as a Top Digital Marketer and Top Youth Marketer. He is also recognized as a Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur magazine.

Matthew and Leonard discussed:

  • Leonard’s’ story about his journey from overcoming poverty to being able to successfully built his own personal brand and becoming an expert in building a personal brand
  • Key benefits of building a personal brand

  • The big mistakes people make when it comes to building their personal brand
  • Leonard’s recommendations for effectively building your personal brand
  • His perspective about how personal brand will help you build your business and your career

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