Daily Motivation and Moving through Feeling Stuck

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If you are motivated but constantly thinking about what’s in it for you. Sometimes, that can drag your motivation down.

Ask yourself: How can I contribute more to my employees? How can I contribute more to my clients? What more can I do to other people?
That, in itself, becomes Motivation.

In 2010, oftentimes, I remember just lying in bed, not wanting to get up. I’ve been at that level where I don’t want to get up and not wanting to leave my apartment.

When you get to this point when your brain is dominating your emotion and your body, just get up! Move and don’t think about it. Just moving your body will change your state. Walk around, do something. Acknowledge yourself.

Consider spending most of your time with people that are happy, makes you smile and makes you feel good and eliminate everyone else.



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2 thoughts on “UNCENSORED with Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar man calls me a Cu#”$$”! (Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)

  1. Tyler Basu

    Wow great job getting Dan to do an interview with you! He is the mentor to Dan Lok, an entrepreneur from Vancouver whom I have come to know quite well. Dan (Lok) talks about the impact Dan Pena had on his life all the time. Now I know why!

  2. Mat Ven

    You mentioned Napoleon Hill and Outwitting book, you wanted to continue but you were interrupted by Dan, what did you want to say?

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