Discovering your own Unfair Advantage and Getting Ahead of the Game with Ash Ali and Hasanain Kubba

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Hassain Kubba and Ash AliIn this episode of Hardcore MBA Erlend Bakke, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of the #1 International Bestseller “Never Work Again”, talks to Growth Hacker – Start Up founder Ash Ali and Hasanain Kubba from the Mastermind Group, with their book The Unfair Advantage – How to Spot It. When to Use it.

In this interview, Erlend has extensively discussed with Hasanain and Ash the importance of what is an Unfair Advantage, how you can leverage from it and how you can use to make the system work for you. How does money, intelligence, location & luck, education, and status play a vital role and essential aspect of success in life?

They discussed:

  • What is an Unfair Advantage?
  • What Self-help-type-people believe on who achieves success and how to achieve it
  • Ash Ali on mentoring founders and entrepreneurs, “They missed out on what’s truly authentic about themselves and who they are, and they read a lot of this glossy headlines on what you need to be successful, and I say, you should look beyond those glossy headlines and look deep inside yourself and find out what you truly have yourself as an unfair advantage in whatever you are trying to achieve.”
  • Ash Ali’s MILES Framework
    • M – money
    • I – intelligence
    • L – location & luck
    • E – education
    • S – status
  • The various faces of success
  • Where does success end
  • How do you discover your Unfair Advantage – Stop Playing, Get into it

Show Notes:

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