Dumb Tax and Keith Cunningham

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In this week’s episode, I will be talking about “dumb tax”. It is something I learned from Keith Cunningham. Dumb tax is what you pay when you make bad decisions or something that you have to pay when you don’t do proper due diligence.

I’ve been wanting a specific Porsche model and finally found the dealership that has it. I loved the color, the seats, the look, everything was beautiful and I was just swept away.

Yes, I have been dumb, the speedometer didn’t work and it was only after I purchased that I noticed. And I found out that it has not been working since 2007.

Take enough time to go through things, If you got the urge, PAUSE at least for a day and go through things again.

As Keith Cunningham always say, keep your cost low and your profits high.




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