Eat for Heat and Achieve Your Fitness Goals, with Matt Stone

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A lot of us entrepreneurs are perfectionists – we all want to be the absolute best possibMatt-Stone-author-pic-260x300le version of ourselves. And this often manifests itself in the various diets and exercise fads we end up following – paleo, raw food, long-distance running, and so on. But can we go too far when it comes to looking after our health? Can we end up making ourselves less healthy due to our obsessive pursuit of bodily perfection? This week’s guest, Matt Stone, thinks so. Matt is an independent health researcher and the author of numerous books, and he graciously provided some of his time to Hardcore MBA to speak about these issues.

In this week’s podcast, Matt and I discuss:

• The problems with many fad diets, including low carb diets and the paleo method.
• Matt’s own food plan, Eat For Heat, and the benefits of focusing your nutrition on building an effective metabolic system.
• And Matt’s new project, Buck Books, which offers low cost Kindle and audiobooks in an attempt to benefit consumers and authors.

“I found that a lot of the people who were drawn to my work were very obsessed with the minutiae of their nutrition, to the extent that they were actually making themselves unhealthy,” says Matt. “A lot of Type-A personalities tend to take things to the extreme and overdo healthy actions – drinking twice as much water as we need, running twenty miles every day, that kind of thing. And then we also tend to think that if we’ve read a study or two about the benefits of a particular diet, it must be right. And we ignore the warning signs that our own body gives us when the diet isn’t working – low energy, low libido, interrupted sleep, and so on. We have to start learning to listen first and foremost to our own bodies, rather than simply following experts.”

For more information on Matt’s work on health and nutrition, check out his Amazon page, and specifically the book Eat For Heat. And to get some great deals on e-books and audiobooks, as well as the chance to sign up as an affiliate, head over to Buck Books. Until next time, stay healthy!

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