Erlend Bakke on Dealing with Negative People

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If you are on planet Earth, from time to time, you have to deal with negative people.

When you have a new concept or a new idea, a lot of people will tell you ‘It’s not gonna work”, ‘that already exists’ or ‘why would it work for you?” These are just some of the elements of The Crab Syndrome.

I have cited examples of The Crab Syndrome and how to alleviate that negative emotion as you listen to this session. Whether you surround yourself with good or bad people, it sucks your energy field and is very difficult. Spend your time with people that will lift you up and not bring you down.

Bottom line is asking yourself: What kind of Social Circles should I start going to? Maybe Yoga or join a Club? My advice in dealing with negative people: Cut them out. Eliminate them.


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