Fall in Love with Public Speaking by Annik Petrou

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If you are one of those who hate public speaking but willing to challenge yourself to get grand results in business? Brace yourself! You only have two options here- it’s either you’ll hate it forever or fall in love with it.

Come along and learn how to take your Speaking skills and Confidence to the next level with our first guest in this new season of Podcast episodes -Annik Petrou!

Annik is a” super woman” with a great market reach with her 30 years in public speaking. Her unique super power is her ability to speak  In front of many people so genuine and sincere. She selflessly adds value to other people’s life through her wit and wisdom!

Annik is also a talent scout and the Founder of Speaker  Express – the largest Professional community in London that runs monthly Speakers’ Club nights, a beginners’ series, a two-day intensive and a 12-month Programme.


Regina and Annik discussed:

  • A bit of intro, Annik’s motivations and what’s going on in the Speaker Express world?
  • Annik’s love-hate life story about public speaking- describing how horrific it was for her and how she hated the feeling first-talking to a flock of people and speak. And how she eventually loved it and even advocates it as a perfect tool in making a business known to the world
  • That in order to fall in love with public speaking, you have to fall in love with yourself first! Dealing with the crazy voices inside your head and just be genuine, spontaneous in most ways and simply being human
  • The manner of training, the influence of social media and the internet in the process and some highly recommend tools and techniques
  • How powerful public speaking could be when it comes to accelerating your business growth.
  • And the financial side of it like how you get paid as a public speaker


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