Finally! A Wealth Blueprint that Actually Works with Todd Tresidder

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In this week’s episode, meet Todd Tresidder: a renowned Financial Mentor, and the founder of

Todd has proven his expertise by becoming a real millionaire himself and truly living a life of financial freedom — all the while being able to help a lot of people from different walks of life.

In this episode, Matthew and Todd discussed:

  • What’s keeping Todd busy at the moment and what he’s up to in keeping up with his financial mentoring career and what he’s more focused on
  • Todd’s backstory- his humble beginnings, his realizations, lessons he learned from his own experiences putting it all together and arrived at teaching 7 steps to 7 figures

  • Todd’s insightful thoughts such as:
  • Compare your financial and your personal aspects
  • Identify your financial foundation. And learn the basics from credible mentors
  • Habittudes (a mashup of habit and attitude) that results in wealth
  • The financial situation is the mirror of our habits and attitudes
  • Habits and attitudes are the cause, money is the effect
  • Todd also shared the first 5 steps  out of the 7 steps to 7 figures:
    1. Financial foundation
    2. Habittudes (a mashup of habit and attitude) that results in wealth
    3. Expectancy wealth planning
    4. How you take massive action
    5. How to manage risk and control people’s asset portfolio


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