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Ron Goddard Tech VenturesIf you’ve ever wondered absolutely anything about the world of tech startups, you’re in luck – because this week’s Hardcore MBA guest, Ron Goddard, is one of the most knowledgeable people you could possibly meet. He provides advice to technology startups looking to build prototypes, pick up customers, and find angel investors, and this week he took the time to chat with me about why he moved from the field of health clubs into technology, what the biggest problems are that most startups face, how to network effectively, and much much more.

Once you’ve watched this week’s episode, you can get in touch with Ron on Twitter or check out TechVentures – he’s very approachable, and wants to hear from you if you have a potentially world-changing idea. If you liked the show, let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to come back next week!

Show Notes

  • At about 3.35, Ron explains how he got his first big gig by offering to work for free –showing his commitment and offering the employer a can’t-lose scenario.
  • At about 9.30 Ron discusses the two major problems faced by technology startups, and how TechVentures helps to tackle them.
  • At about 16.35 Ron tells me: “we’re not asking people to change, we’re staying ‘step into your own greatness, and we’ll help you develop it’”.
  • At about 24.00 Ron explains the secret of how one of his favourite tech startups managed to accelerate away from the pack so quickly.
  • At about 28.30 Ron tells us how to get started from scratch in networking.
  • At about 42.10, Ron and I discuss why some teams succeed and others fail, and what the vital missing ingredient is for those businesses with poor team morale.
  • At about 45.30: “you have to first seek to understand before being understood”.

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