Finding That Sweet Spot of Shared Interest and Collaborate with Kare Anderson

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This week’s episode is truly remarkable!

Introducing our guest, Kare Anderson-  a brilliant TED talk speaker, an Emmy – winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter and a columnist who writes mostly about behavioral research-based ways to become more deeply connected to people that could be a potential ally in achieving a common goal. Kare basically helps organization and individuals succeed practicing highly and effective collaborative principles.

In this episode, Matthew and Kare discuss:

  • Kare’s snapshots of her recent months
  • What’s keeping her excited recently
  • Talked about benefits of cultivating unexpected ally around sweet spots of shared interests
  • Kare believing in the power of specificity as a powerful stuff in connecting to new people around

  • Mutuality mindset: a mindset that realizes where could be that connection that we could grow exploring common connections
  • About collaboration as simply having a tight-knit connection with one other not necessarily working on the same project but helping in one way or another
  • Kare’s overall perspectives and beliefs when it comes to working with other people in a most collaborative way, getting deep connections,  forming allies that benefit both parties


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