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In today’s episode, Erlend and Matthew discuss the deeper meaning of success and how to live a better life as discussed in the book ​”Never Work Again​”​. The book delves into different interesting topics,​ especially in finding one’s true path and defining what success means to Erlend.

Matthew Turner interviewed 163 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs so you can learn from the best & transform your mistakes into success just like the world’s finest business minds do!

Main talking points that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Erlend strongly believes in the power of delegating.  At 2:53, he discusses why it’s good to tap into the talent of people around you.  He also believes in practicing what he preaches. At 3:20, he mentions why he picks up “​Never Work Again”​ and self-monitors.
  • Matthew also mentions the Exponential Mindset, a concept related to having an influence on the people around you at 7:31. So what does one do when having a bad day?  Erlend talks about his way of dealing with those days at 8:26.

  • Finding one’s true path should be a necessity for people.  Erlend talks about his experience with his struggles and experiences that made him a better person today at 25:21.  At 28:07, he talks about how living a simple life works for other people.  The most​ important thing is how you use your talents.
  • Most of the people involved in the western personal development world focus on goal​-​setting. While Erlend thinks there is some merit to this, he believes that when done ​incorrectly, it can be meaningless and can take up a lot of time.  At 19:47, he explains how he has used Grant Cordone’s 10X concept and why it eventually didn’t work for him.  What does Erlend do about it?  At 20:40, he discusses ways through which he is able to deal with moving towards efficiency.

On defining his purpose, what his true path is, and what success means to him, Erlend gives his response at 43:35 where he talks about the amount of control we all have over things and how to deal with them.  He further explains at 46:34 about focusing on internal and external success and how they can help or hurt you.  At the same time, at 50:55, he uses what we do on social media like Facebook,​ and why we’re motivated to post stuff on there.

To find one’s true path, Erlend mentions that his book “Never Work Again” gives concrete examples on how to get there.  At 52:34, he recommends taking a personality test and to​ be honest when you ask yourself the hard questions.  At 54:39, he also gives tips on where you can begin.

Erlend is currently collaborating with Steve Shoulder on his second book, which gives tips on how to turn a company around in less than 90 days.  The book will be out on April 24, 2017.  You can go to to read more about him and to buy his book “​Never Work Again”.

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