Follow Your Bliss with Erlend Bakke

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This week, we’ll be talking about following your bliss.
We’ll talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, my success, pain, and suffering.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years. And I believe ‘following your bliss’ means being true to yourself, show up to people, smile, be passionate and always have the energy.

Being successful in business is all about being with people. When you talk about products and services, that energy of creation should be transparent. And that is because we want to create better lives for other people.

When you put yourself out there and produce content, ultimately, some people will not like it. My journey has not been blissful, there is so much pain, so much suffering, I wanted to make loads of money fast, there has been a lot of failures but that didn’t stop me.

As I continue, I grew wiser and I met people who had success come out very easy to them. There are a lot of resources, everyone has their own entrepreneurial journey, I did.




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