Getting Things Done in your Business

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If you want to get to a certain place in five years, what is the ‘One’ thing that you need to do today?

Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen who has been our guest in the Hardcore MBA podcast. It’s an efficiency and focus book on how to get things done.

We are going to talk about Zero Inbox and the ONE Thing. Every morning, write down the most important thing to do in your business. The ideal kind of work on a daily basis is to think long-term, focus on that.

There is also a concept called Zero Inbox and basically, leaving the day with no unread emails. There is a technique to do that, it’s called Bucketing.

In this episode, there are several books mentioned which are all good reads.

Be organized and be methodological. Have a routine on how you’re going to move forward to achieve your goal.


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